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Why Armenia

You would probably ask why should I choose Armenia to cure myself. We are here to answer all your questions.
Armenia has a lot to offer. Few countries have a culture that is as rich and resilient as Armenian. This is a destination where you will be intrigued by history, amazed by the landscape and charmed by hospital locals. But beautiful landscape and long history is not the only things that Armenia can offer. Our country has been one of the leaders in medical sphere starting from Soviet times and its still is. All the treatments at the clinics offered by our company are carried out by qualified specialists who are leading professionals in their field. They discuss all the procedures with you at every step, ensuring they choose the right treatment for you. The medical equipment used in the hospitals is the newest and the best as well. Hence here are some reasons of why choosing Armenia.

1. Professional doctors

The small Caucasus nation has a long, and proud history in medicine, with the subject being taught in the medieval Gladzor University. 12th-century physician, Mkhitar Heratsi, known as the “father of Armenian medicine” greatly contributed to the medical fields of surgery, diet, and psychotherapy. Armenians such as Raymond Damadian, inventor of the MRI machine, Michel Ter-Pogossian, inventor of the PET scan, and Dr. Varaztad Kazanjian, father of modern plastic surgery have built impressive reputations and helped put Armenia on the map of medical innovation. Since Soviet times, Armenia became a hub for medical research and development, producing countless health professionals in the process.

2. High quality medical equipment

Armenia decided not to save money on buying the best medical equipment and send doctors to different trainings. Good technology helps to reduce the treatment time at a low cost.

3. Easy destination

Armenia is easily accessible for travellers from major cities in the region, such as Dubai, Paris, Vienna, Moscow, Doha, to name a few, which all offer affordable direct flights. This makes it much more convenient to fly to Yerevan for a weekend operation than do see overpriced doctors at home.

4. Post treatment relax

We assure, you will not find so many places to relax after treatment like than Armenia. Picturesque Dilijan, wellness centers like Arzni, Jermuk and many other wonderful places will make you forget the health reasons you came to Armenia and enjoy your rest fully.

5. Safety

Not to mention, Armenia is a very safe country. Confidence in the police, the bond of solidarity, and the courtesy of Armenians will make you feel at home. You can take a walk alone in the late nights without any worry.

6. Pastime

There is so much to do in Armenia, like hiking, visiting hidden monasteries and churches in the mountains, museums, skydiving and many other pastimes that will make your days unforgettable.

7. Affordable prices

You may be surprised but Armenia has really affordable prices. Your visit, treatment and tours combined will cost you much less than treatment only in your country. Surgeries in Armenia cost from 40% to 50% less than what they would in the USA or Europe.

8. Combining treatments

As Armenia is already well established in dental and plastic surgery care, you can use the opportunity and make your appearance even better. Thanks to Dr. Varazdat Kazanjian, the founder of the modern practice of plastic surgery, Armenia is considered as one of the best destinations of plastic surgery.